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Products Liability

Oklahoma City Lawyers Experienced at Pursuing Products Liability Claims

Protecting consumers injured by dangerous or defective products

At Van Meter Law Firm, we are committed to holding makers, distributors, suppliers and retailers accountable when products lead to serious injuries and fatalities. From our Oklahoma City office, we represent consumers throughout the state whose lives have been impacted by dangerous or defective products, including drugs, medical devices, automobile components, machines, chemicals and everyday household items. If you or a family member has been injured by a product, our experienced attorneys are ready to consult with you and evaluate your potential case.

Seasoned attorney skilled at all types of products liability cases

As in most states, products liability lawsuits in Oklahoma involve one or more of the following legal principles:

  • Strict liability — When injury or death is alleged to have been caused by a defective product, the plaintiff need only prove that the product caused the injury, a defect existed in the product and the defect made the product “unreasonably dangerous.”
  • Negligence — A lawsuit can be based on an alleged failure to exercise reasonable care in the design, manufacture or distribution of a product that causes injury. Such claims can be proved by showing that the defendant did not comply with recognized safety standards and procedures in the industry.
  • Breach of warranty — An injured person can sue based on a violation of an express promise by the manufacturer about a product’s performance. Oklahoma law also recognizes implied warranties of a product’s safety and fitness for a particular purpose.

Product liability cases become complicated when manufacturers, distributors, retailers and other persons or entities in the chain of distribution dispute their percentages of responsibility. As the attorney for the injured plaintiff, we make sure that fighting among the defendants does not imperil the recovery of just compensation.

Trial lawyers explain Oklahoma’s strict liability rule for dangerous consumer products

A suit for money damages can be brought against anyone who contributed to creating or delivering a defective product that causes injury. Defects can be of any of these types:

  • Design defects — This is a flaw that causes a foreseeable risk of injury even when the product is used as intended. The injured person must prove that the danger was unreasonable.
  • Manufacturing defects — The injured person must prove that the product was poorly made, perhaps using subpar materials or assembled by people who lacked proper expertise.
  • Warning/labeling defects — Product manufacturers have a duty to warn of dangers inherent in the product, such as warning labels on over-the-counter drugs.

Our firm has the resources and experience needed to take on large corporations with their own powerful defense teams and to hold them accountable for the harm their products cause. We also handle claims arising from injuries caused by defective medical devices.

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If you were injured by a product, the lawyers of Van Meter Law Firm in Oklahoma City are ready to evaluate your potential legal claim. Schedule a consultation by calling 405-400-8215 or by contacting us online today.