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Child Sexual Abuse Litigation

Oklahoma City Attorneys Stand Up for Childhood Sexual Abuse Victims

Powerful advocates for child abuse survivors in Oklahoma

Institutions that once harbored pedophiles and other sexual abusers have had the light of public scrutiny cast on their behavior, exposing a legacy of exploitation of the vulnerable at the hands of the powerful. More and more survivors are finding the courage to come forward and report the abuse they endured. At Van Meter Law Firm, our attorneys are committed to helping child sex abuse survivors obtain compensation and some measure of justice after years of suffering. These claims are often actionable constitutional civil rights claims.

Skillful litigators pursue relief against powerful abusers

It is estimated that the U.S. is home to approximately 40 million child sex abuse survivors. One out of every four girls and one in six boys fall victim to some form of sexual abuse before they turn 18. Nationwide, survivors of child sexual abuse are breaking their silence and forcing child abusers to atone for the consequences of their predatory actions. Here in Oklahoma and in other states, legal action is being taken against institutions once thought to be untouchable, including:

  • Churches and other religious bodies
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Private schools
  • Universities
  • Foster care agencies
  • Athletic organizations
  • Youth camps and daycare facilities

Van Meter Law Firm’s attorneys and staff are dedicated to helping abuse survivors seek accountability.

Attorneys explain Oklahoma’s statute of limitations and other legal basics

Under Oklahoma’s Hidden Predator Act, passed in 2017, child sexual abuse victims have until their 45th birthday to begin a legal action against the perpetrator of the abuse. Under the prior law, the statute of limitations was two years from the abusive act or from when the victim discovered or reasonably should have discovered the harm caused by the act. There was also a requirement that the victim notify law enforcement within 12 years after the discovery of the crime, which has now been eliminated.

Even though the old statute of limitation was tolled until the child reached age 18, it still shortchanged victims for whom it may take decades to come to a realization of what happened to them and of the full extent of the harm they have suffered.

Under the new law, if victims can show a series of continuing sexual abuse incidents, they need not prove which specific act caused them injury. The law also removed the requirement that there be both corroborating evidence that the sexual abuse, exploitation or incest actually occurred and proof that the victim had psychologically repressed the memory of the abusive acts.

We can assist in a civil lawsuit seeking compensation for mental health counseling or therapy, pain and suffering and other damages.

Our Oklahoma City child sexual abuse lawyers are here to help

If you are a survivor of childhood sexual abuse or believe a child in your life is being abused, the lawyers of Van Meter Law Firm in Oklahoma City are here to help. Call us at 405-400-8215 or contact us online for a free confidential consultation.